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Our product has up to 65% solids, incorporates military spec additives, contains nano particle technology – advanced UV protection, PTFE to help prevent surface erosion, citronella (a natural mosquito repellent), contains chewstop, and is a penetrating oil based sealer.

To clean, first wet wood, then use Rymar Rinseable soap following the directions on the box. Rinse, let dry 24-48 hours, then seal. Do not use bleach or bleach related products to clean between coats. Bleach will damage coatings.

On new wood approximate coverage 200-400 square feet with semi-transparent. If your wood is very dry and weathered, 1 gallon will cover approximately 100-200
square feet.

You can use it, but you will have to reseal more often, especially on horizontal surfaces versus the pigmented sealers.

A two coat wet on wet with Xtreme Weather- on vertical surfaces that are extremely dry apply a third coat 6 months to a year later. Horizontal surfaces will need more frequent maintenance and may even benefit from a third coat after a season.

Conditions of application, type of wood, location, exposure being ideal – three to six years. Horizontal surfaces will require more frequent applications.

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